Pros and cons of using HCG injections

What are the pros and cons of using HCG injections? As HCG weight loss is gaining popularity, many people are seeking answers to this question. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using HCG injections for weight loss.

Pros of HCG injections

No need of exercise: the HCG injections are effective for weight loss, and users do not necessarily need to do exercise to achieve their weight loss goals.

Easily accessible: the HCG injections are available at online stores and pharmacies. Moreover, no prescription is needed for the HCG injections. You just place the order, and the supplies will be delivered to your home.

Control hunger: the injections effectively control the appetite, which makes it possible to lose weight by sticking a low-calorie diet. HCG injections can send signals to the brain to trick the body that it is not starving.

Boost the metabolic rate: effective weight loss is a result of fast metabolism in the body. However, the metabolism may slow down with age. Therefore, HCG injections speed up metabolism regardless of your age. In this case, people using HCG injections are more likely to lose weight faster when compared to those using other weight loss methods.

Muscle retention: unlike other weight loss means, HCG injections retain the muscles. The HCG hormones produce muscle-building instead of muscle breakdown. HCG injections send signals that prevent the body from using stored energy from the muscles. Instead, the body will pull energy stored fats in places such as the abdomen.

Cons of HCG injections

Side effects : people who use HCG injections may experience side effects that include nausea, headaches, and pains. Some people have reported severe cases as a result of using HCG injections.

Expensive: one injection of HCG can cost up to $30, which is not affordable to some people. However, purchasing the doses in bulk significantly reduce the costs. Also, users should invest in other supplies such as the container for storing the doses in the refrigerator.

Users should follow a strict diet: when using HCG injections, users are required to stick to a strict diet plan. This can be overwhelming to some people, and most of them may not complete the entire program. The HCG users who love beer may be forced to quit drinking for the treatment to work properly. This may lead serious withdrawal symptoms that may interfere with the HCG program.

Painful injections: the only way of administering these HCG doses is through injections. The pain and discomfort caused by injections make many people shy away from using this method. Users should inject themselves on legs, abdomen or into the back on daily basis.


HCG injections are very efficient and help users achieve significant weight loss. In fact, HCG injections have changed the lives of many people. Users of HCG injections don’t have to do exercises to achieve significant weight loss. HCG injections can help users lose excess weight while retaining the muscles. Besides having many benefits, there are also drawbacks of using HCG injections. Therefore, it is important to the advice of your doctor before opting for HCG injections.