Does the HCG Diet Really Work? The True Answer

First, HCG diet is not FDA approved. So there goes the alarm. IF something is not FDA approved then how come people are still buying/using the diet system? That’s because it works.

Why is HCG Diet not FDA approved?

The HCG diet requires you to take HCG hormone and stay on low calorie diet. They key over here, according to HCG protocols is that you lose weight because of the hormone.

However, FDA found no scientific evidence on the above statement. No relation was found between weight loss and HCG hormone.

Hence, it was never approved.

However, one should note that HCG diet requires low calorie diet. For instance, you will need to go on 500 calorie per day.

Therefore, you are losing weight because of lower calorie consumption. And the HCG hormone acts are reset switch in your system.

For example, if you are going on HCG diet for two months. And within these two months you consume lower calorie foods along with HCG hormone your body gets accustomed to lower calorie consumption.

When you stop being on the diet you will no longer crave for high calorie foods.

There is your relation of HCG hormone with weight loss.

The trouble is unable to prove direct relationship of HCG hormone with weight loss.

Now as you can see HCG hormone not only helps in weight loss but also helps to keep those unwanted weight at bay.

Why isn’t it popular if it works?

We people have a tendency to believe only the news and paper. And the media reports only things that are approved. We do not blame the media. It is the safest way to keep people away from scammers.

However, in the process of safety we miss several great system which will work.

Most importantly bloggers and medical sites write only FDA approved weight loss systems. They see a weight loss system marked as ‘not approved’ and immediately scream ‘diet fad’.

Only if they could do some research on their own.

Just understand one thing. If this HCG diet system wouldn’t work then why is it still present in the market for the last 10 years?

Why haven’t people forgotten it like any other FAD diet?

The answer for you is within the question. If you are still skeptic just try HCG diet once.

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