All you need to know about Phase 1 of HCG diet

This phase, also known as loading phase, marks the beginning of the weight loss program through HCG diet. In phase 1 of HCG diet, you will be allowed to eat any food of your choice. Ideally, the aim of this phase is to eat as many calories as possible and increase the fat stores. In […]

Phase 2 of HCG Diet

The phase 2 of HCG diet, also known as weight loss phase, starts immediately after the loading phase. In this phase, you should follow a low-calorie diet for the next six weeks. During phase 2 of HCG diet, the low-calorie diet helps the body burns excess fats. Also, the HCG doses will continue triggering hormones that […]

Phase 3 of HCG Diet

This is the most crucial phase in HCG diet program where you will implement a Diet break. The aim of phase3 is to increase the calorie intake and provide recuperation for the body. For the last six weeks of phase 2, the body has undergone intense metabolic fat-burning. Therefore, staying on the low-calorie diet for long […]

Pros and cons of using HCG drops

Many people are doing anything to achieve their weight loss goals. There are many options available for losing excess weight. Nowadays, the use of HCG drops for weight loss has gained popularity. However, it is important to know the pros and cons of using HCG drops for weight loss. Pros of HCG drops Control hunger: […]

Should you use HCG drops or Injections for weight loss?

HCG weight loss has gained much popularity as compared to other weight loss programs. Most people praise HCG program as the most efficient way of losing stubborn fat. When using HCG weight loss program, you will have an option of using HCG drops HCG injections. In this case, many people get confused when choosing the […]

Pros and cons of using HCG injections

What are the pros and cons of using HCG injections? As HCG weight loss is gaining popularity, many people are seeking answers to this question. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using HCG injections for weight loss. Pros of HCG injections No need of exercise: the HCG injections are effective for weight loss, and […]

500 calorie sample HCG diet

Losing excess weight is an exciting thing, but it comes with a cost. During the weight loss phase of the HCG diet, you have to stick to 500 calorie diet for up to six weeks to a significant amount of weight. A 500-calorie diet can help you lose excess weight fast. How does 500-calorie Diet […]

All you need to know about 800 calorie sample HCG diet

The 800 calorie diet HCG plan is more comfortable and less extreme as compared to 500 calorie diet plan. This diet plan has been scientifically tested and proven by medical experts. According to the experts, this diet plan is effective just as the 500 calorie diet plan that is low in proteins. However, the 800 […]