HCG Diet Watchers

Everything You Need to Know About HCG Drops


It can be incredibly challenging to lose
weight. With so many fads and new diet trends coming up all the time, it is
hard to keep track and figure out what really works. One increasingly popular
approach to weight loss is to follow a low calorie diet combined with a hormone
called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG). This is called the HCG diet. In
this article, we tell you more about HCG, how it works in weight loss and where
to buy real HCG drops.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) is a naturally
occurring protein based human hormone. It is produced in elevated quantities in
females during the early stages of pregnancy. One of the markers that home
pregnancy tests use is the amount of HCG present in bodily fluids. HCG’s main
job during pregnancy is to maintain production of the hormones oestrogen and
progesterone. These two hormones are responsible for maintaining the optimal
conditions in the womb for the development of the foetus during pregnancy.

The other instances when naturally occurring
HCG is elevated in the body is in when someone, male or female is in the early
stages of certain cancers. Thus, doctors can sometimes use this spike in HCG as
an early warning and look for any signs of cancer in the patient.

What the HCG hormone signals to a body

HCG’s main role is to send a signal to the
body that there are some changes going on. Notably with early pregnancy that
there is a growing foetus that will now be relying on the body for its energy
needs. This means that there will be fewer nutrients available for the body’s
own systems. In response to HCG, the body therefore turns down some of its
normal starvation early warning systems like feeling hungry.

How HCG drops work in aiding weight loss

The HCG diet was first proposed in the
1950s by a British doctor called Albert Simeons. The diet produced very
dramatic weight loss results in patients of as much as two pounds a day. In the
original HCG diet, Simeons injected HCG hormone into his patients. They were
then required to eat a starvation level diet of fewer than 500 calories a day.
Ordinarily, a person eating fewer than 500 calories a day would struggle to
function and feel very hungry. The HCG reduces the sensation of hunger,
allowing a person to maintain most of their daily duties while on the diet.

The caloric restriction in the HCG diet is
extreme. It is therefore not sustainable for longer than a few weeks because
eventually your body will start to break down owing to a lack of nutrients. A
healthy caloric intake, that enables normal functioning is between 1400 and
1800 calories for women, and 1600 and 2000 calories for men. You can see then
how eating fewer than 500 calories for longer than a few weeks is dangerous.
The HCG diet is therefore an intense diet, designed to achieve huge weight loss
over a short period of time.

How do you ingest HCG?

There are several ways to take HCG. The
first is via injection, and this is usually done by a medical practitioner and
requires a prescription. This is usually pure HCG and it is fast acting as it
goes directly to the blood stream. You can also buy HCG as tablets, drops, or
in a powdered form. HCG drops are proving to be the most popular alternative to
ingesting HCG drops because they are easy to transport and self-administer.
There are various formulations and strengths of HCG available enabling greater

Real HCG drops

You can buy two kinds of HCG drops,
homeopathic and pharmaceutical HCG drops. The main difference being that
homeopathic drops are readily accessible over the counter and you need a
medical prescription from your doctor to buy pharmaceutical HCG drops.
Secondly, there is a big difference in price, prescription HCG drops are
considerably more expensive than homeopathic HCG drops. Finally, note that most
HCG drops are not approved by the FDA so ensure that you read reviews to get
the best feedback on what may work for you and try and talk to your doctor as

Homeopathic HCG drops

Homeopathic HCG drops contain some HCG, or
in some cases they contain an HCG like substitute that is quite diluted. Many homeopathic HCG drops will blend HCG
with other supplements such as caffeine and caffeine. A lot of care needs to be
exercised in buying homeopathic drops. Some brands do not contain real HCG, or
they contain very small amounts. You also need to monitor how your body reacts
to some of the other supplements and stimulants included.

Pharmaceutical HCG drops

These are formulations that contain highly
concentrated HCG and so can be expensive. They are however very effective, and
are absorbed fast. You can choose to buy natural HCG or synthetic HCG that has
been produced under laboratory conditions.

Where do you buy HCG drops?

HCG drops are now widely available in
supermarkets, pharmacies and online. We recommend that you do your research on
the reputation of the vendor and the brand that you are purchasing your HCG
from. Read the label to see the different elements that included in your drop
formulation to make sure that you are buying real HCG drops.

It may be necessary to test a few to figure
out what works best for you. To do this you would need to try one type of drops
for a couple of days and observe the results. Make any changes you need


HCG drops can be an easy way to get the HCG
hormone into your system as part of a healthy weight loss plan. You can get a
range of different HCG drops from homeopathic drops that have been fortified
with other nutrients and metabolic substances. You can also buy prescription
HCG that contains either naturally occurring or synthetic versions of the amino
acid. To maximise your chances of sustainable weight loss, you must use real
HCG drops in conjunction with a relevant low calorie eating plan.

Risk in Buying HCG Injections

Being overweight is bad in every sense of the word. It is associated with diseases like diabetes, poor quality of life and even your clothe stop fitting you. For these and other factors, you might be having a dream of losing those extra pounds. Most of people nowadays naively latch into diet programs that promise a quick loss of weight. One such weight loss program is HCG.

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone created by women during pregnancy. Although marred with controversy, this hormone has been manipulated over the years to produce an artificial edition of the same. Individuals are then injected so as to aid them lose weight on a very low-calorie diet. Are there any Possible Dangers of HCG Diet? Just like many other low calorie weight loss programs on the market, HCG has potential downsides. It is therefore paramount to be aware of what you are getting yourself into before you take that step of being injected.

Pregnant women must be extremely cautious about HCG. This is because the hormone is known to increase the chances of having a multiple pregnancy by a great deal. According to medical experts, having twins, triplets or even more in mothers with more than two babies can lead to complications for both the baby and the mother. Not only can it lead to low birth weight and premature delivery but also it can cause severe birth defects. This therefore means women who use this hormone must stop immediately they get pregnant.

Before purchasing Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections, you must be aware that HCG injections are linked to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. This is a disorder that can be threatening to your life. Symptoms associated with this disorder include abdominal swelling, pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting, swelling of hands or legs, difficulty in breathing and urinating and diarrhea. When these symptoms occur while using HCG, consider it a serious medical emergency.

Although this occurs rarely, this injection can cause a blood clot. Symptoms of this are swelling, pain, redness, warmth, numbness of the arm or leg. Additionally, an individual with a blood clot will experience confusion, dizziness and a severe headache. An allergic reaction to HCG is another rare but possible danger of this hormone. Difficulty in breathing, mouth or facial swelling and throat closing are an indication of an allergic reaction.

If a patient has a hormone related cancer or any other disease that be worsened by an addition of hormones, HCG will be dangerous for such persons. The types of cancers that will be severe with HCG include breast, ovary, prostrate, pituitary, hypothalamus and uterine. That stated, any woman with ovarian cysts or any individual with adrenal or thyroid disorders should avoid HCG injections at all costs.

Nutritional experts also have cited health risks lurking behind injecting this hormone. They claim that the sole reason why a person will lose weight from HCG is because their bodies only consume a meagre 500 calories a day. Normally, 1,200 to 1,800 calories a day are recommended for healthy weight loss programs. 500 calories is approximately the amount of calories an average human being consumes in a single meal hence unhealthy.

Side Effects of HCG Diet

Many people are embracing HCG diet for weight loss. This is the most popular weight loss option around the world. This is efficient and enables individuals to shed excess weight within a short period. However, the HCG diet has some side effects that can hamper the weight loss process. The possible side effects of HCG diet include;

#1. Headache

This is common during the first week of the HCG diet but diminishes with time. However, you can treat this condition with any standard painkillers. Drinking lots of water is another way to combat these headaches. You can visit a doctor the headache persists for more than ten days.

#2. Constipation

When following HCG diet plan, you are allowed to eat less food, and there will be little to excrete. Usually, the bowel movement can happen as much as four days apart in people who are on the HCG diet. However, mild sugar-free laxatives and drinking plenty of water can help solve this problem.

#3. Dizziness

This is a common side effect caused by low calories in the HCG diet. The low-calorie is very in carbohydrates that are essential for providing energy to the body. However, this side effect is temporary and disappears within the first week of the HCG diet.

#4. Rashes

This is another rare side effect that affects the skin. This is caused by the buildup of toxins that result from fat burning from the HCG diet. This problem can be reduced by drinking lots of water that help to flush out the toxins from the body.

#5. Leg cramps

This rare side effect occurs as a result of low potassium levels offered in the HCG diet. However, you treat this by taking the potassium supplement. Also, multivitamins provide you with potassium and other essential nutrients needed when you are on the HCG diet.

#6. Hair thinning

Some cases of hair thinning have been reported on people who follow HCG diet. However, it is important to note HCG diet does not cause hair loss. Usually, the hair thinning occurs after three months of following the HCG diet. This condition can be reversed by increasing the intake of proteins and vitamins.

#7. Heart problems

Heart issues may result from the very low calories from the HCG diet. Although this has not been proven, people who are over 65 years may suffer from the heart failures while following HCG diet. This is not common and only affects very few people on HCG diet. Therefore, it is important to visit your doctor before beginning the HCG diet.

#8. Formation of gallstones

This is an uncommon condition that results from very low calories from the HCG diet. This may occur after months of following the HCG diet.

#9. Blood clots

This occurs as a result of the HCG injections that are associated with HCG diet. These blood clots happen on the site of injection. However, few people have been reported to experience this side effect.


HCG diet is very effective for losing excess weight but comes with side effects. These side effects can cause unusual pains and discomfort to the HCG dieters. However, most of these side effects are rare and can be treated easily.

All you need to know about 1200 calorie sample HCG diet


The 1200 calorie HCG diet is another option to lose weight if you are not able to stick to 500 and 800 calorie diet plan. Under what circumstances shall you stick to the 1200 calorie diet plan? This is a question that you are probably asking yourself especially if you are on HCG diet program. The 1200 calorie diet plan is designed for people who are active and need more than 500 or 800 calories per day. Moreover, this diet plan is ideal if you want to do some exercises during the major weight loss period of your HCG diet.

With 1200 calorie HCG diet, you will not mind losing weight more slowly as compared to 500 and 800 calorie diet plan. On the 500 and 800 calorie HCG diet plan, you will lose up to 2 pounds per day. However, you will lose not more than 1.5 pounds per day when sticking to 1200 calorie plan.

Moreover, the 1200 calorie HCG diet plan is ideal if you don’t want to limit the weight loss period to 21-40 days as recommended in the original HCG diet. With 1200 calorie HCG diet plan, you will continue taking HCG drops. This should be done while sticking to diet until you achieve the desired weight loss.

1200 calorie sample HCG diet plan

Following the 1200 calorie diet plan is much easier to follow than the 500 and 800 calorie diet plan. In this case, the food choices are more lenient, and you can eat most of the foods you have. If you follow this diet plan correctly, you will get great results as that of 500 and 800 calorie HCG diet plans.

#1. What you need to take for your breakfast? 

For breakfast, you can choose from different types of food. For instance, you can eat spinach with egg white omelet. Also, you can consider not fat yogurt with any fruit. Alternatively, you can take fruit smoothie instead of whole fruit. Moreover, the non-fat cottage cheese is ideal for your breakfast. A rule of thumb is to include fruit in your breakfast in this diet plan.

#2. What should you take for your lunch in this diet plan? 

For lunch, you can choose tilapia or grilled chicken with salad, cabbage rice, or shrimp with tomatoes. Also, you can include vegetables such as carrots, onions, celery, and much more.

#3. What do you need for your dinner? 

For dinner, you will have many options such as spinach with meatloaf or shrimp, and onions. You can also enjoy baked chicken and saffron cabbage. Moreover, the other options for dinner include fish or broth soups.

#4. Are snacks allowed in 1200 calorie diet plan? 

Snacks are also acceptable in this diet plan. You may eat a few snacks as long as they don’t provide many calories.

Do you need to exercise in this diet plan?

Exercise is necessary for achieving your weight loss goals while following this diet plan. However, intense exercise can make you feel exhausted.


The 1200 calorie HCG diet plan is easier to follow than the 500 and 800 calorie diet plan. This diet plan is ideal for people who are active or those who want to do some exercises while following HCG diet program. In this diet plan, there is no much restriction on the foods to eat.

All you need to know about 800 calorie sample HCG diet


The 800 calorie diet HCG plan is more comfortable and less extreme as compared to 500 calorie diet plan. This diet plan has been scientifically tested and proven by medical experts. According to the experts, this diet plan is effective just as the 500 calorie diet plan that is low in proteins. However, the 800 calorie diet includes proteins that help to speed up the weight loss process. The proteins will not only increase the metabolism but keeps the muscle strong to allow continual fat burning while on HCG drops.

The 800 calorie diet plan has many positive reviews from the users. Most of the dieters love this diet plan because it is much easier to follow than the 500 calorie diet plan.

Why should you follow 800 calorie HCG diet plan?

This diet plan is ideal if you want to follow the HCG diet but not comfortable with the 500 calorie diet plan. The 500 calorie diet plan has extremely low calories and can lead to hunger pains. Therefore, 800 calorie diet plan will provide the required weight loss without feeling hungry. The 500 calorie diet can lead to muscle loss it lacks proteins. Therefore, the 800 calorie diet plan will provide the enough proteins. Also, the 800 calorie diet is ideal if you want to lose weight without going through as strenuous exercise.

800 calorie sample HCG diet

The 800 calorie diet plan is more lenient and much easier to follow that the restrictive 500 calorie diet plan. Let’s look at the 800 calorie sample HCG diet.

#1. What to take for breakfast

For breakfast, you will need one cup of cereals with a cup of skimmed milk. In this case, the cereal should not have more than 110 calories.

#2. What foods should you eat for lunch? 

Going without lunch during this diet plan is not acceptable because it can destabilize the blood sugar. You need 140 grams of lean proteins. You can get these proteins from the white fish, turkey breast, or chicken breast. Ensure that all visible fats are removed before cooking of these meats. Moreover, the meat should be cooked without using addition fats.

Also, you should include vegetables in your diet. However, you should only consume low-calorie vegetables

Furthermore, fruits are important in 800 calorie diet plan. You can choose any fruit, either fresh or frozen. You are not allowed to consume canned fruit in this diet plan. Such fruits are not allowed because they contain preservatives that can hinder the weight loss process.

#3. What should you eat for dinner? 

Ideally, required for dinner should be the same as those taken during lunch. Do not be tempted to consume other foods since they can hamper the goals of the diet plan. Moreover, you should avoid any artificial drinks and drink water instead.


The 800 calorie diet plan is more lenient as compared to the 500 calorie diet plan. However, the rate of fat burning is a little slower as compared to the 500 calorie diet. This diet plan is still considered as a very low-calorie diet and may be challenging to some individuals. If done correctly, this diet plan will help you lose significant amount of weight.


500 calorie sample HCG diet


Losing excess weight is an exciting thing, but it comes with a cost. During the weight loss phase of the HCG diet, you have to stick to 500 calorie diet for up to six weeks to a significant amount of weight. A 500-calorie diet can help you lose excess weight fast.

How does 500-calorie Diet work?

The body cannot get all the nutrients required for good health from only 500 calories a day. The 500-calories diet, also known as very low-calorie diets, is only meant for a short term. Your body will enter into the starvation mode when you consume 500 calories per day. This leads to the decrease of hormones that help to regulate the metabolism. This will limit the calorie burning but will burn fats instead.

500 calorie sample HCG diet

This is a diet plan that has been tested and proven to be effective for weight loss. Here is a sample of 500-calorie diet plan.

#1. What should you take for Breakfast? 

For breakfast, you will need a cup of coffee or tea without sugars. However, you may use zero-calorie sugar substitutes to sweeten your drink. This is very helpful if you are not used to taking tea or coffee without sugars. What are the benefits of taking tea or coffee without sugar? Ideally, unsweetened tea or coffee does not have any calorie, so it becomes necessary in your 500-calorie diet plan.

#2. What should you eat for Lunch? 

For the best results, you should eat 100g of lean meats such as fish, beef, chicken breast, or shrimp. However, it is important to be careful when cooking such meats. In this case, all visible fat from these meats should be removed before cooking. Also, such meats should be boiled or grilled without using additional fats.

Vegetables are also essential in the 500-calorie diet plan. There are many types of veggies allowed in the 500-calorie diet plan. You can choose from vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, cucumber, celery, onions, chard, beet greens, tomatoes, chicory, red radishes, fennel or asparagus.

Moreover, fruits are also important in the 500-calorie diet plan. In this case, you can choose fruits such as strawberry, orange, apple or half a grapefruit.

#3. What to eat for dinner? 

The dinner should be same as lunch. In this case, you are free to choose from the list of food approved for 500-calorie diet plan.

#4. Should you drink anything in 500-calorie diet plan? 

Staying hydrated is vital in 500-calorie diet plan. In this case, you should drink half your weight in ounces. For instance, you need 70 ounces of water if you weigh 140 pounds. You can add a splash of lemon for flavor. Lemon will also help to prevent possible constipation. Also, you can add some stevia if you need sweetness. Stevia is a natural sweetener, which does not have any harmful effects.


The 500-calorie diet plan is a very restrictive diet that is often overwhelming to many people. Although it allows quick weight loss, this diet plan may lead serious effects on your health. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the advice of your physician or doctor before following this 500-calorie diet plan.

Pros and cons of using HCG injections


What are the pros and cons of using HCG injections? As HCG weight loss is gaining popularity, many people are seeking answers to this question. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using HCG injections for weight loss.

Pros of HCG injections

No need of exercise: the HCG injections are effective for weight loss, and users do not necessarily need to do exercise to achieve their weight loss goals.

Easily accessible: the HCG injections are available at online stores and pharmacies. Moreover, no prescription is needed for the HCG injections. You just place the order, and the supplies will be delivered to your home.

Control hunger: the injections effectively control the appetite, which makes it possible to lose weight by sticking a low-calorie diet. HCG injections can send signals to the brain to trick the body that it is not starving.

Boost the metabolic rate: effective weight loss is a result of fast metabolism in the body. However, the metabolism may slow down with age. Therefore, HCG injections speed up metabolism regardless of your age. In this case, people using HCG injections are more likely to lose weight faster when compared to those using other weight loss methods.

Muscle retention: unlike other weight loss means, HCG injections retain the muscles. The HCG hormones produce muscle-building instead of muscle breakdown. HCG injections send signals that prevent the body from using stored energy from the muscles. Instead, the body will pull energy stored fats in places such as the abdomen.

Cons of HCG injections

Side effects : people who use HCG injections may experience side effects that include nausea, headaches, and pains. Some people have reported severe cases as a result of using HCG injections.

Expensive: one injection of HCG can cost up to $30, which is not affordable to some people. However, purchasing the doses in bulk significantly reduce the costs. Also, users should invest in other supplies such as the container for storing the doses in the refrigerator.

Users should follow a strict diet: when using HCG injections, users are required to stick to a strict diet plan. This can be overwhelming to some people, and most of them may not complete the entire program. The HCG users who love beer may be forced to quit drinking for the treatment to work properly. This may lead serious withdrawal symptoms that may interfere with the HCG program.

Painful injections: the only way of administering these HCG doses is through injections. The pain and discomfort caused by injections make many people shy away from using this method. Users should inject themselves on legs, abdomen or into the back on daily basis.


HCG injections are very efficient and help users achieve significant weight loss. In fact, HCG injections have changed the lives of many people. Users of HCG injections don’t have to do exercises to achieve significant weight loss. HCG injections can help users lose excess weight while retaining the muscles. Besides having many benefits, there are also drawbacks of using HCG injections. Therefore, it is important to the advice of your doctor before opting for HCG injections.

Should you use HCG drops or Injections for weight loss?


HCG weight loss has gained much popularity as compared to other weight loss programs. Most people praise HCG program as the most efficient way of losing stubborn fat. When using HCG weight loss program, you will have an option of using HCG drops HCG injections. In this case, many people get confused when choosing the best method between two HCG weight loss options. Should you use HCG drops or injections for weight loss? Let’s compare HCG drops and injections to help you make the better choice.

HCG Drops vs. Injections


When using oral HCG drops, you will need to consume them orally. Once in the stomach, HCG drops will be diluted, and its effects are lesser than injections. On the other hand, the HCG injections are directly administered into the blood stream. In this case, the effectiveness is increased through HCG injections.

Ease of use 

HCG drops are easy to administer as compared to injections. You just place the HCG drops on the tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallow after the time is up. For HCG injections, the user will have to withstand the pain of the injection needles.


There is no pain associated with HCG drops because they are taken orally. On the other hand, the HCG injections subject the users to a painful process that is scary to most users. In some cases, the HCG injections can lead to inflammation and irritation to the skin. Also, there are rare cases of blood clots on the site of injection.

The rate of weight loss 

The speed of weight loss with HCG injections is greater as compared to HCG drops. However, the amount of weight loss will be equal in the long run.

Diet restrictions 

For both HCG drops and HCG injections, the users are required to follow a strict diet. For effective weight loss, the dieters should consume about 500 calories each day. Whether you are using HCG drops of injections, you are required to refrain from certain foods. However, it much easier to stay on a diet with HCG injections as compared to HCG drops.


Both HCG drops and HCG injections are available online. You can get them without prescription. Many sites sell pure HCG drops as compared to those who sell legit HCG injections. HCG drops lack support from the medical experts, and it is suspected that some oral drops contain unsafe ingredients.

Side effects: users of both HCG drops and injections will experience side effects. The side effects include a headache, nausea, and pain in various parts of the body.

Should you use HCG drops or injection for weight loss? 

Both HCG drops and injections will result in weight loss in the long run. However, the rate of weight loss with injections is faster than that of HCG drops. HCG drops are easier to administer as compared to HCG injections. If you are not comfortable with pain of injections, then you should use HCG drops for weight loss. Here is a list of hcg drops which are best for weight loss. However, you should consider HCG injections if you want faster weight loss. It is important to visit your doctor to help you chose the best mode of HCG treatment.

Pros and cons of using HCG drops


Many people are doing anything to achieve their weight loss goals. There are many options available for losing excess weight. Nowadays, the use of HCG drops for weight loss has gained popularity. However, it is important to know the pros and cons of using HCG drops for weight loss.

Pros of HCG drops

Control hunger: people who are on a diet should limit the number of calories consumed daily. This might lead to hunger, which may result in overeating hence undermining your weight loss goals. However, HCG drops prevent hunger even if you are consuming low calories. It helps to fight cravings and limit the amount of food you eat without feeling starved. In this case, it becomes much easier to stick to the diet because you don’t have to deal with hunger pangs.

Boosts the metabolic rate: HCG drops can significantly increase the metabolic rate making it ideal for people who want to lose weight fast. The amount of fats burnt on a daily basis will increase at a substantial rate. Therefore, HCG drops help you achieve the maximum fat burning potential.

Detoxification: presence of toxic substances in the body can hinder you from achieving maximum weight loss. In this case, HCG drops will get rid of unwanted substances in your body hence losing a significant amount of weight.

Prevent future weight gain: the HCG drops will prevent your body from accumulating fats. In this case, you don’t have to worry about gaining extra weight in the future.

More Convenient: HCG drops are easy to administer and do not require painful injections. You don’t have to look for someone to administer it for you. In this case, HCG drops make everything simple.

No exercise is needed: with HCG drops; you can lose up to 3 pounds per day without any exercise. Losing such amount of weight per day will bring amazing results within a short time.

Cons of HCG drops

Side effects: most people who use HCG drops experience side effects including pain, headaches, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms.

Don’t work alone: when using HCG drops, you will need to follow a strict diet to achieve weight loss. HCG drops work perfectly only with proper diet. Otherwise, the drops will have no effect. Moreover, you will need to eat only 500 calories per day. Some people cannot manage to consume few calories per day.

Not medically recognized: despite being effective, HCG drops have not received recognition from the medical experts. Therefore, you cannot find HCG drops on the local pharmacies.

Fatty foods are forbidden: if you love fatty foods, HCG drops will forbid you from eating them. You will have to refrain from such foods until you have completed the HCG program.


Many people have opted to use HCG drops to get rid of excess weight. HCG drops have many benefits as well as disadvantages. With HCG drops, you can achieve your weight loss faster than other weight loss products. Unfortunately, HCG drops have not yet received approval from the medical experts. However, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor before opting for HCG drops.

Phase 3 of HCG Diet


This is the most crucial phase in HCG diet program where you will implement a Diet break. The aim of phase3 is to increase the calorie intake and provide recuperation for the body. For the last six weeks of phase 2, the body has undergone intense metabolic fat-burning. Therefore, staying on the low-calorie diet for long can hamper your weight loss efforts in the future. In this case, the Diet break comes in to save your weight loss progress.

In this phase, the calorie intake will be increased to 1500-2000 per day. For the next three weeks, this increase in calories will boost your metabolic rate. Therefore, you will re-introduce starchy carbohydrates into your diet for only one meal per day. Moreover, you can take an extra portion of proteins each day.

What starchy carbohydrates are allowed in this phase?

Each food allowed in phase 3 of HCG diet should be equal to 40 grams of carbohydrates. In this case, you will get the required amount of carbohydrates by consuming one cup of cooked oatmeal, Quinoa, beans, cooked rice or pasta. Moreover, 2 slices of whole bread or one medium potato will provide you with the necessary carbohydrates needed for this phase.

Will you feel hungry during this phase?

The introduction of starchy carbohydrates and the additional portion of protein will suppress your appetite while keeping you full for longer. In this case, you will have less craving for foods that can otherwise lead to excess weight gain.

Will you gain weight during this phase?

You will continue losing weight only if you stick to the diet approved for HCG as well as doing exercises. You might lose a couple of pounds if you concentrate on eating the right food approved for this phase.

Should you weigh yourself during this phase?

Keeping track of your weight is imperative and helps you monitor your progress. If you experience a sharp increase in your weight, you should seek the advice of your HCG doctor.

Should you undergo this phase if you have diabetes?

People who have diabetes are not allowed to eat starchy foods. In this case, you should increase the protein portions as recommended. Your doctor may give you a modified phase 3 diet.

Can you exercise during this phase?

Exercises are very crucial in this phase as you will continue losing excess weight. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even after completing the HCG program.

Do you need to drink water in phase 3 of HCG diet?

Staying hydrated is vital in this phase, and you should take at least 8 glasses of water every day. However, you may need to consume more water if you have incorporated exercise in this phase.

Can you back to low-calorie diet after this phase?

If you still have more weight to lose, you consider going for another round of HCG program. However, you should consult your HCG doctor before going to low-calorie diet again.


This phase lasts for only three weeks but will help you in achieving your weight loss goals. It will enhance the body’s fat-burning ability even after completing your HCG program.